We offer the following options:


This is done overnight by specialized courier transport.


  • We do not ship when night temperatures on route are below 15C or day temperature over 28C, please check map for temperatures.
  • Courier pickup can be done from Monday until Wednesday, excluding national holidays and only when weather permits.
  • The customer can receive his / her reptile(s) from Tuesday until Thursday. ( Overnight courier transport )
  • The customer, has to be available at the delivery address on the agreed arrival day, all day. If the customer is not available to receive the shipment, all costs and risks are passed to the customer. Delivery normally takes place sometime between 10.00 and 15.00 hours.
  • IRES Reptiles decides if shipping can be done on the agreed date 24 hours prior to shipping. ( Mainly depending on weather ) If shipping has to be cancelled, IRES Reptiles cannot be held accountable for any costs due to the cancelled shipment. ( Customers day off etc. )
  • IRES Reptiles guarantees live arrival if delivered within 36 hours.


Overnight door to door shipping anywhere in Germany:
1 parcel, inner size 36cm x 27cm x 27cm = 49,- euro*
Please ask for pricing for multiple parcels to same address.

Overnight door to door shipping anywhere in Austria:
1 parcel inner size 36cm x 27cm x 27cm = 69,- euro*
Please ask for pricing for multiple parcels to same address.

* Price includes shipping box ( insulated ), transport box and heat pad.

If interested or you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. If you contact us for a shipment please include your full details:

  • First name
  • Last name

Delivery address:

  • Street
  • House number
  • Zip code
  • Country

Telephone number at which we can reach you on the day of shipping.


We can arrange monthly courier delivery to most parts of the UK. Transport is done by a professional reptile courier which will collect the reptiles here in The Netherlands and will personally hand them over to you in the UK. Live arrival guaranteed. Ask for possibilities. Pricing will be between 50 and 85 euro depending on the region of delivery.

If interested or you have any other questions please feel free to contact us. If you contact us to arrange a courier please include your full details in the message:

  • First name
  • Last name

Delivery address:

  • House name / number
  • Street
  • Town / City
  • Post Code
  • County
  • Country


U.S. shipping is possible several times a year. Please read details below.


  • Before shipping orders need to be paid in advance. We accept bank transfer and PayPal. Additional fees need to be paid by the customer.
  • Minimum order amount is 2000 euro.
  • Free shipping on orders over 3500 euro*. ( *One address and a maximum of 5 animals. )
  • When confirming an order you automatically agree to our terms.
  • When an order is confirmed we ask a nonrefundable deposit of 20% with a minium of 1000 euro, which needs to be in our account within one working week. Only when we cannot provide what we promised, we will fully refund customers deposit. Should the customer cancel the order, for any given reason, we will not refund the deposit.
  • When an order is fully paid but canceled close to the shipping date we will refund the whole amount minus the deposit. When we cancel the order the full amount will be refunded.
  • We ship within a few weeks after the Hamm shows. Hamm shows are held the second weekend of March, June, September and December.
  • In "high" season we plan extra shipping’s, this mainly is between August and November.
  • We do not ship when we feel it is unsafe. Then we will have to reschedule the shipping.
  • When buying CITES reptiles the whole process including paperwork, vet certificates etc, can take up to 8 weeks.
  • All reptiles are healthy, feeding and correctly sexed. You have to check this yourself as well, see our terms.
  • IRES Reptiles guarantees live arrival if delivery takes place within 48 hours after shipping and customers picks up the reptiles themselves at a chosen SWA Cargo point. For locations and opening times check the SWA Cargo website.
  • Doorstep delivery is possible most of the time, but then we cannot guarantee live arrival. We are sorry about that, but transport companies ( truck delivery ) do not give good live arrival guarantees. They have too many exceptions.
  • When you are interested to place an order, or you have questions, please contact us through the contact form or email us at . We will try to answer all email within 24 hours on working days.

Not all reptiles can be found on our website. Please feel free to ask for an available list to see what we have to offer.


Free personal delivery on orders over 1000 euro within the Netherlands and 1500 euro for Belgium and Luxembourg. Live arrival guaranteed. If you are interested in personal delivery please contact us and we will try to work it out. Do not forget to give us the address where we need to deliver the reptiles.


If you live outside the EU and cannot visit the major reptile shows like Houten and Hamm we can offer to ship your reptiles by air. You must know how import works or have contact with a broker at your airport. It can take some time before we ship, all depends on how quick paperwork goes. Interested? Please feel free to contact us and ask for the possibilities. We only ship to countries which we think are safe. This is only available on larger orders.

Weather check shipping Germany and Austria

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Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping to Germany and Austria when weather permits.When the weather permits we can offer overnight courier delivery to Germany and Austria.


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